Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Marriage and Children

Getting married, and having children, takes up a huge amount of your time, money, and mental energy. It is safe to say that your personal resources will take a substantial cut in what is available as “spare”.

There are also a large number of unknowns when you take the plunge into wedded life. You will learn things about yourself and about your spouse which you could not have foreseen. You will struggle through some major issues which threaten to tear your relationship apart.

Your ability to contribute to a church community or ministry will take a huge hit, and your “spirituality” will be exposed as so much weaker than you could ever have imagined.

Yet still, even though you might know all of this before-hand, getting married (and having children) is most definitely a Christian-spiritual thing to do. God-given and God-blessed decisions (marriage is a gift and a blessing from God) and trusting in Him to get you through, to take you to new places, and to bless you more abundantly than you could have thought (but struggling more than you could ever have guessed to do so); this is one of the biggest steps in developing yourself towards a better image of Christ that you can take!

It is well worth it.

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