Friday, February 17, 2012

Hang in there

Even the most spiritual person of all is too weak to make it on their own.  You can do a lot but you are still a fallen human being, redeemed at best, waiting for Christ to return and to complete your transformation.


Never fear though, Jesus' sacrifice means that the Christian's efforts are not in vain.  Hang in there and continue to strive for perfection.


So what is perfection?  It's not just about following rules to perfection.  It's about developing an attitude that acknowledges this fallen human weakness in our bodies, that trusts God for help, and that works toward Christ-like-ness without ceasing. 


If you know God, and daily meditate on what Jesus has done for you and what that means (in all of its expansive gloriousness), then you won't be able to do anything but progress in holiness.  Build the expectation for Jesus' return, as you grow by the transforming power of the Spirit.


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