Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Prayer and action

When is the time to pray and when is the time to act?  How do we know which is called for at any particular crisis or tricky situation?


If I pray and then do nothing, it means I'm trusting God more... right?  And if I do not pray, but act in a way that seems wisest, I am just using the gifts God has given me - I don't need to pray... right?


No.  You have to pray, to trust God, and you also have to act if it is within your power.  Both ends are extremes to avoid.  Trust God to bless your actions and decisions and to give you wisdom in both.  Commit your works and your days to God in prayer, every one of them, every morning.


Jacob/Israel finally learned when he both prayed for help and took wise action while coming back to meet Esau after finding a wife.


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