Thursday, December 22, 2011


I've seen a lot of death this year, in real life as well as through media.  


This continues to challenge my faith.  Not so much in my biblically informed position, but in my ability to communicate that position to non-believers.


Are you able to speak to someone who has recently lost a loved one?  What about a loved one who is most likely in hell... for eternity...?


Here are three things of many that occur to me:

  1. You can't live if you're not prepared to die (or for loved ones to die), at least on some rational level - emotions will always surprise you...

  2. If your "philosophy" (I prefer theology) of death isn't robust it is unable to provide hope.

  3. God is ultimately in control of every death and His absolutely just judgement, along with mercy through Christ, is the foundation for any real hope of eternal life.



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