Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Do you ever face situations where any decision you make will lead to undesirable outcomes?  There is no clear pathway forward and all you can do is pick one choice at random.


A more concrete example:  your 16 year old gets in an argument with you because they want to drop out of school.  They say they will leave home if you don't let them.  What do you do?  One way they ruin their education, the other way they cut you off.


With God, in Christ, there is always hope.  


It might not feel very loving or spiritual, but the spiritual way forward is first to pray - commiting the situation to God, second decide - if it comes down to a coin toss so be it, third is to keep praying and hoping in the knowledge that God is in control and will use the decision for ultimate good.


What is ultimately good is what brings glory to God.  God's glory is seen in the demonstration of his character.  God is merciful and pours out overflowing blessing upon his people.  You can know that he will either sort the situation out, or use it to strengthen you for something that is to come.


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